Vehicle Maintenance Course

Are you confident checking your oil and water levels?
Would you know what to do if you had a flat tyre?

Here at New Road Garage we are introducing our Vehicle Maintenance Course. This 2 hour course will teach you all the basic things there are to know when it comes to looking after your vehicle, meaning you will feel much more confident when handling your car and  reduce your car’s running costs.

Where: New Road Garage, Llandovery
When: 27th March 2013 at 6pm
Cost:  A 2 hour session for only £20

We can give you plenty of tips you can do on a regular basis, resulting in improved fuel consumption, a full understanding and reducing the number of garage visits needed.

The Vehicle Maintenance Course will teach you many things such as:

  • How to check your tyre pressures
  • How to change a wheel
  • Where your jack points are on your vehicle
  • How to use jump leads safely
  • How to check your vehicles oil/water/antifreeze and brake fluid levels
  • How to change wiper blades

To find out more about our Vehicle Maintenance Course and to book your place please leave us your name and vehicle registration number and contact us now.

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