Special Offer on Car Air Conditioning Service

Not only does your air conditioning help keep you cool in the summer but it also helps with ventilation and demisting of your car all year round. If you think your air conditioning system isn’t as cold as it used to be or your windows are taking much longer to demist, your system may have failed. Visit us for a full a air conditioning service.

Your air conditioning service includes the following steps:

  • Check for leaks with dry nitrogen, check cabin filter & check operation of pump
  • Evacuation of old gas & oil
  • Vacuum system to remove all moisture
  • Refill with gas, oil & U.V dye. (U.V dye used to aid detection of any leaks in the future)
  • Check pressure & operation of system after service

WAS £79.99

NOW ONLY £55.95 + VAT

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